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Hypnosis and guided imagery have been used effectively for decades as a support for a wide range of issues:

  • surgical procedures

  • chronic pain

  • a wide range of illnesses

  • improve performance

  • reduce anxiety

  • remove creative blocks

  • develop more positive habits

  • reduce test anxiety

  • a valuable tool in psychotherapy


The state of hypnosis is a normal activity of the mind that occurs regularly. It is a relaxed state of mind where we are simultaneously attentive and are able to experience a receptive and focused concentration.

Most people describe the experience as similar to meditation or daydreaming, but with the advantage of remembering everything and being in control of the process.


Through a guided process it is possible to experience deep relaxation while having an increased awareness of what is occurring in oneself through physical sensations, emotions, visions and thoughts often not accessible otherwise. This deep state of relaxation allows you to make use of your inner wisdom. You become an active participant in your healing process or desired changes.


Our mind and our body are inseparable. Fear and anxiety affect the body in a negative manner. Research has shown that the way you feel and think about your upcoming surgery or treatment has an impact on the outcome. By reducing anxiety and preparing for the procedure or treatment you create the potential for more positive results such as shortening your recovery time, reduce pain levels, reduce negative side effects of medications, reduce blood loss and reduce the trauma.


I have assisted many people using medical hypnosis, working with those with serious or chronic illness, in their preparation for surgeries including hip replacement, knee replacement, open heart surgery, kidney transplant, hysterectomy, cosmetic surgeries, brain implants, as well as in the treatments for breast, throat and prostate cancer and others.


I invite you to contact me for a free telephone consultation to discuss your situation and to answer any questions you might have.


For more information on medical hypnosis, there are a number of articles and scientific studies on hypnosis and medical hypnosis on the Resources page.

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