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The forming of your personality, sense of self, relationship patterns and manner of interacting with the world is known to have begun before your first memories. Recent research, which uses the most advanced brain imaging technology, has validated the impact of these early experiences. The earliest imprints are made in the womb and early childhood.


The influences during this time are not all captured in words, rather, some of our experience is a mosaic of sensations. Sounds, physical sensations, smell and visual images are connected to emotional responses within us. These responses create patterns that urge us, in the moment, to move towards or away from whatever is before us.

Deep within our psyche beyond our usual conscious perception, these early experiences and the patterns formed guide our behavior. These patterns or conditioned responses set a direction or tendency before our conscious mind has a chance to provide input into what we believe are our individual choices.


Through a process of supported inquiry that allows you to explore these deeper layers of mind, body, and spirit; elements of this hidden orchestration are safely brought into conscious awareness. Then, experiences and patterns can be articulated, understood and integrated so their influence is loosened. We begin the process of freeing our mind and opening the way towards reconnecting with the most essential and vital aspects of our being.


Regardless of the reason you seek therapy, embracing all aspects of who you are will be a vital component of your journey. Through a process that includes mindfulness and suspending judgment, you will begin the process of discovery and releasing the inner critic as a barrier to self-acceptance.

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